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MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case Review

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MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case Review

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MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case Review…

One of the newer bass cases, or in other terms gig bag to the majority of us, is the MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case.

True to MONO form is the ruggedness of this case, which is unbelievably lightweight and has more storage than it looks like at first glance. On top of all that, it sports the water-resistant Sharkskin shell finish with a matt finish polyurethane.

Basses are loaded in through the top of the case, and I found this easy to use, keeping the bass in an upright standing position. It comes with the headlock support system and also has the EVA padding on the inside of the case to protect and pad your bass. I found this to work great with all my basses, even my short scale basses.

There is one small pocket up near the top of the case that is great for tuners, in-ear monitors, etc. There is a larger pocket in the position of where the body of the bass would be. This pocket has a divider and can hold even the largest iPad pro or a laptop, along with cables, sheet music, etc. There is even another small pocket for storage on the back side of where the larger storage compartment is located, this small storage place is well hidden and would be great for valuables, keys, etc.

The straps have quick release buckles, which come in very handy. The straps are well padded and the back has mesh padding as well. The combination of the padding on the straps and the mesh padding make the MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case really comfortable to carry. On top of that, the mesh padding helps, especially when it is hot out, helping to keep the sweat off your back.

The MONO M-80 Stealth Bass Guitar Case, with all its features has become my go-to gig bag being able to use it for all my basses.

Check it out (Model M80-STEB-BLK) available direct from MONO, online at Amazon, or a MONO retailer near you!

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