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OzzTosh Luma P4 Review

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OzzTosh Luma P4 Review

The OzzTosh Luma P4 brings space-age materials to a revered bass style to bring you an amazing sounding, incredibly resilient instrument.

There are those purists that decry that “Leo got it right the first time.” This bass is not for them. The Luma P4 looks like a typical Precision Bass, but the highly polished metallic body and purple pickguard make you realize that what you have in front of you is definitely not your standard Precision.

Can the Luma P4 Fly?

You’d certainly think so! Machined from 6061 solid aluminum billet and using a patented structural design based off of aircraft design, the Luma P4 is in a league all its own. With a Moses graphite neck to complete the body, you’ve got an instrument that pushes the boundaries of traditional design and function. And it’s still only 9lbs; fairly decent for a Precision Bass.

An immediate benefit to the Luma P4 is stability. You’re not going to have any temperature-related issues with the Luma P4, aside from the body being slightly chilly in those crisp, spring Midwestern days (speaking from experience). The Moses graphite neck is solid and requires absolutely no adjustments. The only thing you might do is raise/lower the action to fit your personal tastes.

Traditional hardware is used to round out the instrument. You have Hipshot Ultralight tuners, monorail bridge saddles (with optional thru-body stringing), and the Aguilar AG 4P-60 pickup that completes the instrument.

But How Does It Sound?

Space-age Materials meet Leo’s Design

I know what you’re thinking; surely a bass made of metal and graphite isn’t going to sound good. Well, you’re WRONG. The Luma P4 really surprised me with its tonality. The aluminum brings a focus and clarity to the bass, reminiscent of a piano in its attack and timbre, but still has a warm, round sound.

This combination allows you to utilize the full range of the tone knob. Most Precision Basses have that “shelf” on the tone knob that, once you go past it, the tone is just mud. There’s no clarity, definition; you’re in boomtown. Not with the Luma P4; the tone knob rolled all the way off has some bite and sparkle amidst the deep tonality of the setting. And the settings in between are usable as well.

I took the Luma P4 to a weekend of gigs, playing classic rock hits for a cabaret performance. Grabbing my trusty Aguilar Tone Hammer 500, I cranked the drive stage on the amp, and EQ’d the low mids. I rolled the tone on the Luma P4 back slightly, and was able to cut through the room at low volumes. The drive stage on the Tone Hammer played well with the Luma P4. It felt as if there was a slight metallic “hint” on the finish of the notes.

In Conclusion

The Luma P4 from OzzTosh Guitars is a head-turner, in more ways than one. The polished aluminum body/pickguard with Moses graphite neck will get noticed, no matter the gig. The construction and materials guarantee you get a consistent sound and feel, no matter the location or weather conditions. And the sound? It’s gonna cut through the mix with just the right amount of bite and clarity, to make sure you’re felt AND heard. All in all, Luma P4? is something you need to check out.

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