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Triad Pair Index EPUB Series, Now Available in Bass Clef, for Bass Players

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Triad Pair Index EPUB Series, Now Available in Bass Clef, for Bass Players

Announcing the release of the first two volumes in the Triad Pair Index EPUB series, now available on the iBooks store in bass clef, for bass players.

Each volume of the Triad Pair Index series catalogs all 720 melodic pattern combinations available for a specific triad pair set.

The first two volumes in the series, available for immediate download, are:

Volume 1: F Major and G Major (two major triads a whole step apart)

Volume 2: C Major and Gb Major (two major triads a tritone apart)

Each volume in the Triad Pair Index series contains 720 different patterns written in standard notation in either treble or bass clef.

Embedded into every example of the book is an audio example of each pattern, simply by clicking on the headphone icon above each measure each pattern can be evaluated and practiced. The patterns are arranged in chapters by their starting notes and every example is numbered for quick reference. Also included are 24 different rhythmic templates to apply to any pattern in the volume, as well as tables outlining the harmonic relationship of every note in the triad pair to all 12 of the main chord types, major, minor and dominant.

“Triads pairs have become part of a modern improvisational sound, and are no longer the exclusive domain of jazz improvisors. Any musician that plays improvisational music – rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, funk – can incorporate the strong melodic sound that triad pairs create. By being able to listen to each example in the book, see its relationship to different chord types, and having rhythmic templates to apply to each pattern means that a player interested in incorporating triad pairs into their playing has everything they need in one place in a quickly accessible format.” says author Daniel McGillicuddy. “Usually bass clef books get published after the treble clef version, or not at all, but as a bass player I wanted to make sure the bass clef versions are released at the same time so bass players can take advantage of this information also.”

Available for immediate download from Apples iBook store, each volume uses the EPUB 3.0 format that allows for embedding audio right into the epub. All a musician needs is their iPad to hear examples and put their own triad pair lines together.

Each volume is available for $14.99 US via Apple’s Ibook Store.

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