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Yonit Spiegelman Releases 3 Tips on How to Go From Amateur to Pro Bass Player

Sneak Peak for Bass Musician Readers – How to Go From Amateur to Pro Bass Player – 3 Great Tips!

Yonit was recently featured in Bass Musician Magazine, and she is sharing this exclusive sneak peak of her latest bass lesson.

Yonit Shares…

My new tutorial with Lessonface, “3 tips on how to go from amateor to pro bass player” is very similar and perhaps a sort of sequel for “5 tips to become a better bass player”.

Obviously one can’t get to pro level just by watching this video for 10 minutes, but I’d like to see it as offering a new perspective on your bass playing, especially if you feel stuck, and showcasing 3 elements that I clearly see owned by all professional bass players and usually overseen by bass players of intermediate level. And of course as usual, I like to spice it up my teaching with some humor! 🙂 I do believe that the true way of getting yourself to pro level is to practice these elements, take lessons, play with other people, and enjoy the music you play!

I’d like to go ahead and answer what I anticipate to be the no. 1 question in the comments – What bass is this?? Well, this is actually a wonderful bass by Roger Sadowsky. It’s body and electronics are actually Metro Express series, a new affordable and extra bass-lecious series of Sadowsky basses made in Japan, and the neck had been made in the shop in New York City. The strings, as usual, are my wonderful crisp GHS Round Core Boomer bass strings.

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Photo, Rosa Amanda Tuiran

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