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Anaconda Basses Launches Anaconda Ultra J – Essence

Anaconda Basses Launches Anaconda Ultra J - Essence

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Anaconda Basses Launches Anaconda Ultra J – Essence

Anaconda is excited to launch a new line of basses called the Anaconda Ultra J – Essence.

The Anaconda Ultra J – Essence is designed to provide classic Jazz Bass tones, but with supreme punch, growl and note definition in the lower register, combined with even note dynamics and extended sustain, in a familiar and lightweight package. 

Advances in manufacturing technology allow us to bring qualities that are synonymous with the Anaconda brand, such as great toneplayabilitybuild quality and aesthetics to players, at a price that won’t break the bank.

The same tried and tested woods used in the construction of our Elite basses are used in the Essence basses.  Body woods are Swamp Ash and Alder.  The neck is hard rock Maple with Maple, Rosewood, Pau Ferro and Roasted Maple fingerboard options.  A wide range of finish options are also available.

The basses are manufactured in South Korea to our design and exacting standards. 

There will be an element of customization with the Ultra J – Essence.

The standard spec will have Tesla pickups and passive electronics.  Our recently launched new Website and Online Store will allow purchasers to configure basses at additional cost, with a selection of Pickups, Preamps and Strings while purchasing.  

Anaconda Ultra J – Essence Models:

  • Ultra J4 (70’s bridge p’up), Ultra J4 (60’s bridge p’up), Ultra P/J4

Pickup options:

  • DiMarzio, Aguilar, EMG, Bartolini, Delano

Preamp options:

  • Aguilar, John East

Prices from:

  • 4 String: £950 or $1200 USD (Plus upgrade options)
  • 5 String: £1050 or $1300 (Plus upgrade options)  Available Jan 2020
    UK Prices subject to VAT @20%

For more on the Anaconda Ultra J – Essence, visit online at

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