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Gator Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag Review

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Gator Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag Review

The Gator Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag is definitely a gig bag for bassists wanting the highest level of stylish protection that you can get without using a hardshell case.

The padding is 20mm thick, and for those of us that don’t use the metric system, that is just over 3/4” thick, offering more protection than many gig bags on the market today.

I used this with many different basses, from short scale to 34”, and 35” scale basses. All of the basses fit perfectly. This gig bag also offers neck support, which is easily moved to support the neck of any size bass, a feature I have not seen in any other gig bags. There is also additional support for the headstock and bottom of the bass with extra padding for even more protection.

The outside of the Gator Transit Series includes a thick rubber tread on the bottom of the gig bag to offer extra protection from wear and tear, and such things as spilled drinks and small puddles.

Pockets are plentiful; there is a small zippered pocket near the top, a large zippered pocket in the body area, and a flap that covers the large zippered pocket, which also sports another zippered pocket. I have carried everything from tuners, preamps, cables, iPad, and strings all at the same time with plenty of room for everything.

There is a padded handle that is very comfortable to use, especially if you need to remove the padded backpack straps. When using the backpack straps, the weight is evenly balanced which also allows for more comfort, and there is also a large pocket in the back of the gig bag to store the backpack straps if you prefer to use the handle.

There are several D rings to clip accessories too, and I have used these for bulkier items such as iPad holders that clip on to mic stands. The fabric is a weather-resistant blended fabric and is available in light grey, black, and tan.

Be sure to check out the Gator Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag at a music retailer near you or online at

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