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Kala Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS Review

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Kala Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS Review

One of the newest entries from Kala is the Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS®.

At first glance, you may think this is just a toy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So, what is the Kala Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS®?

The Journeyman is a fun bass to play that sounds phenomenal! I’ve used it on a few gigs and have done some recording with it as well and it did extremely well in both environments. When not gigging or recording, I just sit around playing it or learning new tunes with it. 

The model sent for review had the Kala round wounds on it, which produce a tone different than the proprietary Road Toad Pahoehoe strings that you may be used to seeing on other Kala U•BASS®.

The round wounds produce a tone that will remind you of a P-Bass and the model that was presented was the UBASS-JYMN-BK-FS.

This particular model of the Journeyman has mahogany back, sides, and neck with a cream binding for the body, and a matte black finish. The top also has two f-holes that provide plenty of volume when not connected to an amp or PA. The neck has 16 frets and the body has a Venetian cutaway. The scale is just over 20” at 20.875”, with an overall length of just over 29 1/2”. The electronics consist of the UK-500B, which has controls for bass, mids, treble, and volume with a built-in tuner as well, which is powered by two CR2032 lithium batteries. The nut and saddle are plastic and the tuners are custom black die-cast on a standard headstock. 

The Kala Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® is available in several different models and colors to choose from to satisfy your inner bassist.

This is a great bass to add just a little (pun intended) more bass in your life from your gigs and recordings to traveling with it, as it is extremely easy to travel with. The Journeyman also comes with a padded gig bag.

Check out the Kala Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® at a Kala music retailer near you or order online at

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