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Dan Lakin Launches New USA-made Line of Electric Basses

Dan Lakin Launches New USA-made Line of Electric Basses


Dan Lakin Launches New USA-made Line of Electric Basses

Dan Lakin is back with a new line of all USA made basses.

Joining Dan Lakin on his team are designer Kirk Hunter and a master luthier Dan Strack, who both worked with Dan at Lakland.

Dan’s first prototype, just completed this past week, is a short scale original design that features a single Curtis Novak Bisonic pickup.  The Bisonic pickup design was introduced in the early 60’s by Hagstrom and more famously used by Guild on the Starfire Bass in the mid to late 60’s. 

Curtis Novak stayed true to form and yet improved the design by adding an extra magnet.  This trick was first done by Bay area bassist Jack Cassidy (Jefferson Airplane) and Phil Lesh (The Grateful Dead).  This pickup offers unparalleled frequency response and tonal clarity. Clocking in a just a few inches longer than a 6-string electric guitar, this bass balances perfectly and is a joy to play! 

An order with D. Lakin Basses starts with a one on one consultation between Dan Lakin and the customer.

Many features of the new basses are customizable; pickups, pickguards, hardware all have options. All the traditional custom colors and some new colors are available.

Working with artists to create the perfect bass was Dan’s favorite part of working at Lakland. Now with a direct sell model (D. Lakin Basses are only available direct from Dan Lakin), Dan can offer direct communication with the customer; there is no dealer in the middle.

Model names are based on the year of model design and scale length.

Orders can be started for 5734 (p bass) or the 6034 (j bass). The 1930 and other short-scale models will be available in spring of 2020.  A 50% deposit is required to start an order.  Delivery lead time is approximately 90 to 120 days

Basses start at $3199

Standard features include;

  • Nitrocellulose Body Finish – all colors available.
  • Oil Finish Necks – this finish was designed to feel like a vintage bass where the finish has been worn through. (Nitrocellulose finish on neck also available at an additional charge)
  • Custom made hardware by Hipshot. A dual design bridge (string through bridge or through body) is standard and custom made open back or ultra-lite tuners are standard equipment.
  • Pickups by Curtis Novak, and Lindy Fralin are standard. Pickups by other manufacturers will also be offered at the customer’s request.
  • True vintage style turquoise shell pickguards by Spitfire are optional at an additional charge.

Basses come with gig bags by Mono or cases by SKB & G&G quality cases.

Find out more about Dan Lakin’s new basses at

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