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Meet the Jazz Imposters


Meet the Jazz Imposters

Last month I was in New Mexico and got to sit down with the Jazz Imposters.

This group of talented musicians, including Aaron Toth on bass, Dustin Hoag on drums and Andres Amador on sax, started the Jazz Imposters podcast, an entertaining A-Z journey of Jazz, paying respect to the history and stories behind iconic standards. Or as they like to say, “One part rehearsal band, one part group therapy session, fumbling our way through the Real Book from A-Z for all to hear.

On set with Andres Amador, Aaron Toth, Dustin Hoag, and Raul Amador

Get to know more about how they got started in music, their podcast journey and plans for the future…

Listen to the Jazz Imposters online here, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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