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Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors Review

Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors Review

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Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors Review

Review of the Ultimate Ears LIVE…

Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitors boasts their newest in-ear monitor, the Ultimate Ears LIVE, as ideal for festivals, arenas, and stadiums. While the Ultimate Ears LIVE are great for those settings, they also work wonders in any club setting and also for use in recording.

These are the most crystal clear in-ear monitors that I have ever come across, allowing you to hear everything, even with the most complex music.

Granted, the mix has to be right, but just taking a recording of a heavy metal prog band and listening to it through the UE LIVE, as well as using them on gigs and in the studio while doing mixing, let me know just how much these IEs can do.

The Ultimate Ears LIVE consists of a hybrid acoustic architecture that includes six balanced armatures for a total of 12 armatures. Each one of the two in-ear monitors consists of a mid-low balanced armature, mid-high balanced armature, dual low mid balanced armature, dual high mid balanced armature, and two low balanced armatures. If that isn’t enough, there is a 6MM neodymium sub, subsonic filter, 5-way crossover, and the Ultimate Ears proprietary single TrueTone+ driver. With the Ultimate Ears LIVE Monitors you get the most precise and purest signal path that will outshine other in-ear monitor systems.

The connection to the Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors is through the IPX connection system with the UE SuperBax cable.

Should the cables get damaged, they are easily replaceable and available in lengths of 50” and 64”. The UE LIVE can be configured to your specifications allowing you to choose different colors, with the option for a different color or clear for the left and right sides, the ability to apply your own artwork, add a halo, add the ambient feature, and even remove the UE Logo. You also have a choice of case, either round or square. 

The Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors are custom fit to your ears. If you have had a 3D scan of your ears recently, UE can use that, or you can get ear impressions done and send them to UE for your custom fit.

Ultimate Ears LIVE Tech Specs:

  • INPUT SENSITIVITY  105 dB @ 1 kHz, 1mW
  • NOISE ISOLATION  -26 decibels of ambient stage noise
  • IMPEDANCE  10 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • INTERNAL SPEAKER CONFIGURATION  6 balanced armatures, 1 True Tone Plus driver & 1 6mm neodymium dynamic speaker.
  • INPUT CONNECTOR  1/8” headphone jack; compatible with all systems
  • WARRANTY  1-year

Want the best in-ear monitors, be sure to check out the Ultimate Ears LIVE In-Ear Monitors from Ultimate Ears online at

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