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Asterope's Dariush Rad - His Journey in Sound Optimization

Bass Amplification Spotlight

Asterope’s Dariush Rad – His Journey in Signal Optimization

Interview with Dariush Rad…

Dariush Rad knows a LOT about the science of signal transmission. He is the President and CEO of Asterope Premium Audio Cables, who fabricate cables that are designed to carry our electronic signal with the highest fidelity possible.

Asterope's Dariush Rad - His Journey in Signal Optimization

Bass Players put a lot of effort into finding their sound.

Starting with our hands, we create a signal that is influenced by our choice of strings, our instrument with its particular characteristics, and the amplification chain. It is essential that this signal is carried as cleanly and truly as possible for it to represent our unique sonic signature.

Join us as we learn more about Dariush Rad, signal optimization, and the scientific details that go into the Asterope line.

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