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99 Classics Headphones Review

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99 Classics Headphones Review

99 Classics Headphones Review

The 99 Classics Headphones are truly beautiful in appearance and the sound quality is amazing.

Hearing well is probably the most important thing in every musician’s existence. If you are trying to lift a bass line, you are playing into a practice device (like the Phil Jones Big Head Pro) or simply sitting back to enjoy someone else’s performance, great headphones are a must. There are times where you can get by with earbuds but I have not found a reasonable replacement for the over-ear variety; there is a trade-off in the size and weight comparatively but the rewards are quite notable.

99 Classics Headphones Review

Another serious consideration is hearing loss that may come from continuous excessive volume exposure.

People might be cranking the volume up to try to hear over the ambient noises around them. The 99 Classics Headphones do a great job of blocking external distractions and are superbly comfortable from the moment you put them on. I found myself significantly lowering the volume levels on every application I used.

Durability and repairability are two big considerations when selecting the 99 Classics Headphones.

They use Kevlar to protect the cables; need I say more? The choices in materials are very well thought out and it is amazing what CNC machines can do with Walnut wood for the ear cups.  The fact that they are designed to be repairable is a big plus.  I am someone who has lost all the leather on his previous headphones and doesn’t want to deal with gluing on replacement pads.

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