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Interview with Bassist Greg Magnuson


Interview with Bassist Greg Magnuson

Greg Magnuson is part of a two-piece husband and wife team that plays alternative rock.

Their live show has been described as “…blending catchy, dueling vocals with huge guitar tones and fat drum beats.” But the most common question they get is, “Where is your bass player?”  Their response?  “We both are”.  Greg and Kyrsten also play bass in various side projects and realize that bass is the foundation of all music that must be present for people to “feel” the music they are hearing. 

Get to know Greg Magnuson

Greg on DNA Amps…

“The DNA 800 amp with the DNS-210 cab is a perfect balance of size, power, and sound.  Our live bass sound covers a huge frequency spectrum and these amps are able to smoothly transition through this range with no resonant hot spots. The EQ is intuitive, versatile and easy to use.  The tonal quality is exquisite with a richness and clarity we’ve really never heard in another amp.  Present, punchy, and clean with a warmth that is unbeatable.  We are proud to say we play DNA Amps!”

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