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Easiest Scale You Will Ever Learn – The Chromatic Scale!

Easiest Scale You Will Ever Learn – The Chromatic Scale!

The chromatic scale is a fun scale to learn but it is easy to play and understand. It is composed of 13 that are all a half step apart. 

This chromatic scale is neither major nor minor but rather in its own category due to the set of tones it is comprised of.  You can really start on any note and play from root to octave playing all notes in between!  

Twelve-Tone Technique

This technique was said to be founded by Austrian composer and writer Arnold Shoenberg in the 1920s. He wanted to create a new way to compose and hear music. He was a very influential in 20th-century music.

You can write a really cool song or make some sweet examples to play the chromatic scale and learn your fretboard! 

Chromatic Scale Examples

If you are looking to create a cool song or bassline with the chromatic scale, just mess around with a couple of root note scales to get you started. Here are a couple of examples of root scales that you can play around with:

Exercises To Practice 

Here are three exercises of the chromatic scale that I came up with to make to understand the importance of this scale and how versatile it is. 

Ex. 1) Root To Octave

Ex. 2) Ascending

Ex. 3) Descending 

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