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Review: Michael Manring, Small Moments

Michael Manring, Small Moments

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Review: Michael Manring, Small Moments

Review: Michael Manring, Small Moments

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ALBUM ON OUR RADAR – Michael Manring, Small Moments

Michael Manring is an all-around consummate bassist as well as an amazing solo performer. I have had the privilege of seeing him perform live many years ago and I was so blown away that I was very eager to listen to his new release, “Small Moments.”

This new album is a wonderful collection of a dozen original compositions. Each is unique and treats us to Michael’s unparalleled talent, pushing the envelope of his instruments to their limits. This music is intricate and three-dimensional in its presentation of ideas, feelings, places, and times and is technically incredible. The mere fact that Michael changes tunings mid-song and never misses a beat fascinates me beyond description.

This is an album you will have to listen to many times, as each repeated playing will reveal new details that you will have missed initially. Highly recommended.

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Michael Manring Releases New Solo Bass Album, “Small Moments”

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