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Bass Lines: Kefas – “Marejada”

jaime Vazquez

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Bass Lines: Kefas – “Marejada”

Bass Lines: Kefas – “Marejada”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! This month, we will be covering Kefas’s “Marejada.”

This is the new Kefas single: “Marejada”, the second promotional song from their third album called “Con La Guitarra No Se Juega.”

Curiously, this song was to be left off the album for lack of a musical arrangement and is now one of the best songs on the album.

The new album came out as one of the “20 Best Productions of 2019 in Puerto Rico”.  It is the only Spanish Rock album on the entire list.


Band: Kefas
Song: “Marejada”
Writer(s): Kefas & Juan Mari
Producer(s): Mike Mulet & Kefas
Bass Player: Jaime David Vazquez – JDV
Genre: Alternative Rock
Album: Con La Guitarra No Se Juega (2019)
Label: Kefas Music

Fig. 1 – Verse

Fig. 1 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

Fig. 2 – Small Intro

Fig. 2 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

Fig. 3 – Pre-Chorus

Fig. 3 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

Fig. 4 – Chorus

Fig. 4 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

Fig. 5 – Slap Bass For Guitar Solo

Fig. 5 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

Fig. 6 – Slap Bass/Break

Fig. 6 - Bass Lines Kefas – Marejada

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