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Video: Top 5 Bass Warm-Up Exercises

Video: Top 5 Bass Warm-Up Exercises

In this lesson, I am going to be showing you some fun warm-up exercises before you start playing.

Warming up is important to get the blood flowing throughout your hands, wrists, and fingers, stretching your fingers and working on getting to know your fretboard. 

A couple of notes to keep in mind with these exercises:

  • I love going both up and down the fretboard when playing so you will be seeing that a lot. 
  • Most of the exercises do not have a specific key or scale that they are in. They are more chromatic based to make things a little bit easier when warming up. 
  • I also included a more advanced exercise (Exercise 2a and 2b) to help you work on rhythm when warming up. 
  • If you have a metronome you can play along with these exercises or find some cool drum beats on YouTube that correspond with the time signature and BPM.

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