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Review: Adam Nitti, The World is Loud

Review: Adam Nitti, The Word is Loud


Review: Adam Nitti, The World is Loud

Review: Adam Nitti, The World is Loud

Adam Nitti, The World is Loud…

Whenever I think of Adam Nitti, I think of his huge body of work as a solo bassist, fusion jazz wizard, and educator. Now, with “The World is Loud” Adam is totally rocking the house hard!

Coming out of the gate swinging, this album kicks off at a fever pitch.

Adam’s bass work is mind-blowing and elevates the bar to the max in this genre. Add precise drums, screaming guitar work, intricate keys, and quality vocals to a massive bass foundation and you have one supercharged rock band.

The more you listen, the more you will realize that all the elements of the best classic rock bands of our times are melded in this new project.

The mix is superb and you can clearly hear every note Adam lays down; I dare you to try to lift these tunes by ear!

Check out the first single, Zombies (lyric video):

Adam treats us to seven original tracks and one collaboration track that have universal appeal way beyond what we bass fans usually look for. I predict that anyone who hears this album will be super-hooked and look forward to what comes next. This is a rare breed of rock that is precise and elevated. Hopefully, when the world returns to normalcy, we can catch this act live!

The World is Loud” is one heavy rock collection and can convert even the most selective of listeners to believers with this electrified masterpiece!

Pre-release promo starts Tuesday 12/22. Starting then you can order a ‘bundle’ which includes a signed CD, sticker, and button. Visit the release web page:

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