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New Album: Vince LAM Electric Quartet, “1976”

New Album: Vince LAM Electric Quartet, "1976"

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New Album: Vince LAM Electric Quartet, “1976”

New Album: Vince LAM Electric Quartet, “1976”

Vince LAM Electric Quartet, “1976”…

While distinguishing himself in many bands, bassist and double bass player Vince LAM now defends his personal project which takes on a new dimension with the release of “1976” a vinyl album dedicated to Melodic Bass and Jazz-Groove.

This instrumental album contains both studio and live tracks with Vince LAM (bass, composition and production), Jérôme PANIGONI (guitar), Fabien RAUCAZ (Fender Rhodes & keyboards) and Sébastien CORDIER (drums). These 4 brothers in arms have been playing together for more than 20 years and we can feel their strong musical cohesion from the very first note.

The album contains tracks like “1976” which is an amazing 5/4 riff reminding the sound of Weather Report and also UZEB. Michel CUSSON (the famous UZEB guitar player and pioneer of Jazz-Rock) commented saying  “Wow ! Really great performance, congratulations”.

“Always be there Whenever you need” is a melodic Bass Solo Piece mixing finger playing and slap melody which will illustrate that Bass guitar can transport the auditor into multiple emotions, from sadness to hope…

Vince LAM is also playing the Fretless on “While My Fretless Gently Weeps” a groovy ballad with melancholic Fretless melody which is a little nod to who you know…

Other tracks like “My 3 Loves” or “Road Of Hope” give a bass melody and choruses that stay in your head and that you will undoubtedly whistle in your bathroom!

Several Vince LAM tracks were also mastered by the great Dave KUTCH in New York (multi-grammy nominated Mastering Engineer).

The Vinyl Album can be ordered in limited edition under Vince LAM’s music is also available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

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