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Review: KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour

Review- Komanga Trio, Foxing Hour

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Review: KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour

Review: KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour

KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour…

KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour, featuring Michael Manring on bass.

I have always been blown away by Michael Manring’s solo bass playing but it is not surprising to hear how exquisite it is to hear him in collaboration with other musicians. The KoMaGa Trio is comprised of Michael on bass, Motoshi Kosako on harp, and Chris Garcia on tabla/percussion.

The trio brings a perfectly balanced approach to their performance and are so complementary to each other’s musical skills that the end result is a weave of patterns as intricate as gold filigree.

Each musician has ample opportunity to shine in the fabric of each tune. Michael’s bass work is simply extraordinary and impressive as always.

We are treated to eight unique, entirely instrumental tracks composed by Motoshi himself and they are a perfect fit for this trio. The blend of the harp with fretless bass, supported by a percussive element is superb.

This music may fit in a “New Age” genre but more important than a classification is the emotional richness that is conveyed.

One might choose to sit down with eyes closed, focus and enjoy the musical journey. I even found myself thinking about the fox and its particular point of view. I also discovered that listening while working was uplifting and inspiring. As a result, I’ve enjoyed the entire album multiple times and discover something new with each listening.

This album is perfect for bass fans but has universal appeal and is a strong recommend for everyone to hear.

KoMaGa Trio, Foxing Hour is available on Amazon

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