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The Power of One Note

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The Power of One Note, Part 2

The Power of One Note, Part 2

The Power of One Note, Part 2…

In my December 2020 column, I suggested that there is great power in using one note. This month I would like to continue that thought but in a slightly different way.

In the last lesson we talked about the power in regards to rhythm. This month I want to discuss the power in 1 “half-step” change that creates lots of new possibilities!

Let’s look at the C Major scale:

The Power of One Note, Part 2

Example 1

The Power of One Note, Part 2

Example 2

The Power of One Note, Part 2

*It is very important to listen to the sound of each

Video example 3

That one note changes things quite a bit!

Now, let’s look at this in relation to inversions. Inversions are the chord tones being used in a variety of patterns.

Video example 4

Here are the 3 inversions in C based on the C Major 7 chord:

Listen to how differently the inversions of the C Melodic Minor chord sounds based on the C Minor Major 7 chord:

4-The Power of One Note Part 2
4-The Power of One Note Part 2

This works with all 7 modes. I suggest you work on this in 1 octave, then 2, then 3. Start at your lowest available note within the chord tones.

Then work through all of it in each successive mode.

Your ears will thank you, your hands will thank you and you will have a much better understanding of how to create interesting basslines and solo.

David C Gross has been the bassist for a lot of folks. He has written 14 bass books and 3 instructional videos, hosts “The Notes From An Artist Radio Show” on Monday nights 8 PM EDT, and the “Notes From An Artist” podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

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