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Review: Liquid Tension Experiment, LTE3

Review: Liquid Tension Experiment, LTE 3

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Review: Liquid Tension Experiment, LTE3

Review: Liquid Tension Experiment, LTE3

LTE3, with Tony Levin on bass…

Yes, LTE3 will be out soon! After more than two decades, the members of Liquid Tension Experiment, Mike Portnoy, Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess, and John Petrucci have reunited with an amazing Prog Rock treat in store for you coming March 26, 2021.

LTE3 is comprised of eight tracks of absolutely electrifying musical energy. Seven of these tracks are original tunes and in the only “Cover tune” on the album, the band takes on Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with great skill and simply makes it their own.

This quartet’s musicianship is flawless and each track is equally jaw-dropping.

Tony’s bass work is superb (as expected) and he takes on each track with precision and dexterity. I think many bass players would find this project intimidating but Tony steps up to each tune with the resolve and courage of a dragon slayer.  His technique is top-notch and I was pleased to even hear some “Arco” in one of the tracks.

Simply listen to the first thirty seconds of the first track “Hypersonic” and you will not be able to step away until you hear the entire album. Prog Rock fans will be ecstatic and non-fans may find themselves opening up to a genre they might have always avoided in the past.

This album will be offered in some exclusive formats so make sure to act now if you want to add this to your music collection

LTE3 is available for pre-order at

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