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Bass Lines: Miles Davis – “All Blues”

jaime Vazquez

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Bass Lines: Miles Davis – “All Blues”

Bass Lines: Miles Davis – “All Blues”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

This month we are going to cover, Miles Davis – “All Blues”!

“All Blues” is a jazz composition by Miles Davis.  It is a twelve-bar blues in 6/8.  A particularly distinctive feature of the piece is the bass line that repeats through the whole piece, except when a V or ?VI chord is reached (the 9th and 10th bars of a chorus).  Further, there is a harmonically similar vamp that is played by the horns (the two saxophones in the case of Kind of Blue) at the beginning and then (usually) continued by the piano under any solos that take place.  Each chorus is usually separated by a four-bar vamp which acts as an introduction to the next solo/chorus.

Artist: Miles Davis
Song: “All Blues”
Double-bass Player: Paul Chambers
Genre: Modal Jazz
Composer: Miles Davis
Producer: Irving Townsend
Album: Kind Of Blue {1959)
Label: Columbia

Fig. “All Blues” Bassline

Miles Davis – “All Blues”

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