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Review: Wee Stand by Noisy Clan

Review: Wee Stand by Noisy Clan

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Review: Wee Stand by Noisy Clan

Review: Wee Stand by Noisy Clan

Wee Stand by Noisy Clan…

The Wee Stand by Noisy Clan is an ultra-portable music stand that will hold iPads, tablets, books, and papers. It is so cool and compact, you may even forget you have it with you!

Not only is it great as a portable music stand, but it also has the ability to tilt to the playing angle that you prefer.

The Wee Stand has the ability to hold one or two sheets of paper, with two sheets of paper held in by the emblem clip and swivel clips, and a single sheet held by the swivel clips.

It is really easy to unpack and pack back up after your gig, as a matter of fact, when it is all packed up it only measures 3 x 11 inches and 1 1/2 inches wide!

In order to unpack and set up the Wee Stand, there are two wings you pull out, which also hold the legs in place from extending out. The legs are also held in place while they are packed by clips to keep them secure. Remove the legs from the clips and extend the legs to the desired height. The legs lock into position by being ‘tension locked’, that is, you twist the leg to lock it in place. There are six different positions the legs can be locked in to get the desired height.

Ready to pack up? Just pull the left and right legs to the center leg, twist the legs gently to undo the tension lock and slide back into the clips on the back of the Wee Stand, close the wings, right first, and then left, and you are all packed up and ready to go!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there is also a carry strap at the top of the Wee Stand.

The Wee Stand, truly portable and a great product from Noisy Clan! Check out the Wee Stand online at or at a music retailer near you!

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