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Classic Gems For Electric Bass

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Classic Gems For Electric Bass

Classic Gems For Electric Bass

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Classic Gems For Electric Bass…

Classic Gems For Electric Bass was first printed/distributed by Jamey Aebersold back in 2007.

Did you ever wonder where all those great-sounding arpeggio runs and bass lines came from? They come from the easily playable material of great composers such as Carcassi, Bach, and Carulli.

As the electric bass has become an immensely exciting and popular instrument, its standards for technical excellence have also risen. What we find lacking is a thoughtful, graded approach to learning solos for electric bass.

This timeless classic is playable by the beginner to the early-intermediate bassist and are presented in both ‘standard’ and TAB form. Of greatest importance is that this book exceeds its intended goal – to enable each student to experience the emotional and musical joy of playing not just one, but many pieces of music from start to finish.

Suitable for solo performance by today’s modern bass guitarist.

20 pages. Written in standard notation and TAB.

Classic Gems For Electric Bass is available at

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