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New Gear: Genzler Amplification re/Q pedal

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New Gear: Genzler Amplification re/Q pedal

New Gear: Genzler Amplification re/Q pedal

The new re/Q pedal…

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION proudly announces the addition of a second bass effect pedal, the re/Q pedal, born from the “redux collaboration” that brings Jeff Genzler and engineer Andy Field back together again — developing a new line of bass effect pedals under the GENZLER AMPLIFICATION brand.

The GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION pedal line will explore a variety of pedal concepts based on Jeff and Andy’s decades of collaboration together, looking back into hundreds of pages of their old design ideas, and to explore interesting circuits that were started but never used, blending them with new innovations.  A retrospective of sorts, this is a chance to dig into their collective pasts to develop what they feel players would use and appreciate, going forward.

And now, the introduction of the companies second model in the line —- the re/Q — DUAL FUNCTION EQ PEDAL.

This pedal is a low noise, ALL ANALOG multi-function HIGH PASS FILTER – LOW PASS FILTER and 5 BAND EQ pedal that gives the player complete tonal control over the cut-off of the extreme low and high frequencies, plus 5 bands of peak-dip equalization.  The filter section is foot switched independently from the EQ section, and there is additional make-up gain or cut of 9dB after the EQ for balancing of levels or to act as an additional boost/cut function when the EQ is switched into the signal path.  This is essentially 2 pedals in one.

The re/Q is an important tool for any player’s gear requirements, a “Swiss Army Knife” for tonal needs.  As well, it is a great companion to the companies first pedal the 4 ON THE FLOOR Classic Overdrive.  It can be used to tailor your instrument’s tone for various overdrive settings, or increased boost levels for any of the overdrive’s 4 gears.

The re-Q-PEDAL is also an excellent complement to the companies MAGELLAN 350 and MAGELLAN 800 Bass amps. 

The re/Q-PEDAL will start shipping mid-November 2021, and USA MAP is $244.99.   

Genzler Amplification is looking forward (and backward) to this new journey together and engaging with the player community on exciting new designs while hoping the community appreciates these bonds of friendship and longevity that have joined up again to create exciting and enduring products.  More to come, soon……

For more information on the re/Q pedal, visit

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