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Album Review: Ghost Stories by The Whitmore Sisters

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Album Review: Ghost Stories by The Whitmore Sisters

Album Review: Ghost Stories by The Whitmore Sisters

Ghost Stories by The Whitmore Sisters, Featuring Bonnie Whitmore on Bass…

In December of 2021, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Bonnie Whitmore and one of the many topics we discussed in depth was her upcoming album “Ghost Stories”.  You will definitely want to hear her take on this project (view here).

Ghost Stories is inspired by the loss of family, friends, ex-boyfriends and – on the title track – people who died by police violence. These ‘ghosts’ chose to appear right as COVID became entrenched – when live music evaporated and people were isolated from each other.

Bonnie teamed up with her sister Eleanor for their first album together and they have created a beautiful collection of eleven songs.

The first thing you notice on Ghost Stories is the unique compatibility that the vocals have as they are coming from two sisters; they blend so seamlessly and the harmonies are exquisite.

I was greatly impressed by Bonnie’s choices playing her bass. Track-after-track she made all the right choices to color each tune and enhance the messages that the deep and meaningful lyrics delivered. Eleanor greatly enhances the project with her vocals and overall superb musicianship. There is a lovely variety of feels and tempos on all the tracks and each one offers a unique, and beautifully unexpected, musical perspective.

You should be prepared to tear up as these artists weave their stories in such a soulful way.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album, my favorite track has to be “Greek Tragedy,” with its minor keys and deliberately interesting chord progression. I have been listening to this one over and over and notice new details with each play.

Ghost Stories is a “Must hear” and I very much look forward to future music from this very talented duet.

Pre-order on Amazon – Release date January 21, 2022

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