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Review: AKG Ara Microphone

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Review: AKG Ara Microphone

Review: AKG Ara Microphone

AKG Ara Microphone review…

I have been doing more mic reviews lately and am always interested in improving the sound quality of my video interviews. When the fine folks at AKG reached out about the AKG Ara, I did some preliminary research and was happy to take a look.

The AKG Ara is a compact two-pattern USB microphone that lets podcasters, bloggers, gamers and musicians capture pro-quality, high-resolution sound right from their desktops. It offers both a directional Front (cardioid) pattern to focus on sound directly in front of the mic while rejecting sound from other sides or the Front + Back (omni) pattern to pick up sounds all around the mic, such as multiple speakers or a group of performers.

Let’s take a look at the AKG Ara Microphone:

The AKG Ara comes in at an affordable $99 price point, which also comes with a free subscription to Ableton Lite 11.

For more information, visit online at

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