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Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson

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Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson

Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson

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Bassist’s Guide to Scales Over Chords: The Foundation of Effective Bass Lines…

Bass players know scales. We practice them up and down, in different keys and sequences. But are we clear on how to apply them in a musical way? In Scales Over Chords the book explores how scales and chords are intertwined, a concept that is key to creating functional and memorable bass lines and solos. Accompanying audio download from the publisher’s website includes 136 tracks, 17 of which are extended backing tracks for practice.

Topics include:

Diatonic Harmony Theory
Five patterns for every scale shown
Multiple fingerings for every arpeggio shown
Using scale tones and chord tones to flesh out bass lines
Inversions and slash chords
The modes (construction and applications)
Non-diatonic harmony and modal progressions
Seventh chords and extended harmony
Using chromatic tones to enhance your lines

Written in standard notation and TAB, plus extensive fretboard diagrams. 96 pages.

Scales Over Chords available at

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