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Topics in Jazz Bass: Soloing

Topics in Jazz Bass- Soloing

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Topics in Jazz Bass: Soloing

Topics in Jazz Bass: Soloing

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Topics in Jazz Bass: Soloing…

A bassist who avoids soloing is like a baker who refuses to frost their cakes. Sure, frosting is decoration, and too much is dangerous. But your bass playing is meant to be more than just a dry foundation.

Maybe you’ve tried soloing and the effort fell flat. You even learned the scales, memorized patterns, followed advice, and attempted transcribing, only to produce less-than-stellar solos.

What if you discovered a way to break past your limitations and solo with freedom and authentic self-expression?

Through this book, you will:

  • Discover powerful ear-training techniques to unlock your inner soloist. 
  • Develop a melodic, compositional approach to building a solo.
  • Finally understand what the players around you are doing and know how to step up when called upon.

Complete with audio examples and a new pick-your-path approach, this book promises to engage you wherever you’re at on your musical journey.

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