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Album Review: Norm Stockton, Grooves & Sushi


Album Review: Norm Stockton, Grooves & Sushi

Album Review: Norm Stockton, Grooves & Sushi

Norm Stockton, Grooves & Sushi…

Grooves & Sushi is much more than an album. Bassist Norm Stockton gathered up a superb group of world-class musicians including:

Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy)
Chris Coleman (Prince)
Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr)
Eddie Brown (Stevie Wonder)
Brian Willett (OneRepublic
Zoro (Lenny Kravitz)
And more

…Collaborating together they produced an excellent collection of tunes, along with a video series that goes behind the scenes. The artists share stories from the road, life moments, and some really humorous anecdotes, all while they enjoy numerous plates of mouth-watering Sushi!

This album delivers a tasty dozen tracks, with a wide variety of feels and tempos. There is a generous helping of funk, toe-tapping upbeat tunes, smooth slow grooves, and all exhibit lots of sweet bass licks and very solid arrangements. Eleven songs are Norm’s original compositions with a unique cover of “Mirrors”. As you would expect, all the bass work is flawless and the musical and interpersonal interaction between these talented musicians is exciting to hear. There is a wide selection of bass sounds (some very cool effects used) and grooves to enjoy. I particularly liked  “Only When I Exist” as it employs a kind of flamenco attack that is quite expressive. There are some exceptional moments where the bass clarinet blends tones with the electric bass.

This is an album/project that you really need to take your time to fully enjoy. Listen to the music, watch the videos, and if you have some tasty Sushi of your own, you are in for a multi-sensorial treat!

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