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Sight Reading For Bass Players: Vol 1

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Sight Reading For Bass Players: Vol 1

Sight Reading For Bass Players: Vol 1

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Sight Reading For Bass Players: Vol 1

This book contains 80 exercises specifically designed to help bass players develop and practice their sight-reading skills. These exercises all contain authentic musical ideas that you would find in real bass lines.

This book, the first in a series, is perfect for any bassist wanting to learn how to sight-read. There are extra exercises to help with the different keys and practical advice given throughout the book.

Bonus access to an mp3 download featuring 93 audio tracks.

The areas that you will improve on throughout the book are:

  • Sight-reading skills
  • Reading rhythms
  • Playing in different key signatures
  • Using and understanding sharps, flats and accidentals
  • Playing in different time signatures
  • Recognising intervals and scale patterns
  • Playing common bass patterns from Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, and Ska

Learning to sight-read is essential if you want to work as a professional bassist, and along with understanding music theory, these two skills are the cornerstones to improving performance skills and widening your understanding of music.

Sight Reading For Bass Players: Vol 1 is available at

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