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Album Review: Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition

Remastered Album: Fourplay (30th Anniversary)

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Album Review: Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition

Album Review: Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition

Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition, With Nathan East on Bass…

Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition… Some things need to age to reach perfection but after thirty years, I can clearly see that Fourplay’s music was as spectacular back in 1991 as it is today. You only have to listen to a little bit to recognize how this supergroup’s music easily transcends through the years.

This edition is a newly remastered MQA-CD improving the quality of the listener’s experience as it delivers more of the detailed nuances of the original recording. The bass comes through very powerfully and crisp. I have not had the opportunity to compare this album to the original release but the music simply speaks for itself. This was a solid album back in ’91 and it is nice to be able to hear it as clearly as possible today.

We are treated to a dozen tracks of epic Smooth Jazz proportions (10 are original tunes and the other two are short and long versions of a Marvin Gaye classic). We have Bob James on keyboards, Lee Ritenour on guitars, Harvey Mason on drums, and of course, the amazing Nathan East on bass. The musicianship is unparalleled as these four musicians seamlessly weave beautiful, precise musical tapestries. Nathan’s bass work is a real treat for us bass fans and is a real inspiration.

In summation, if you have not heard Fourplay perform or don’t have any of their albums this one is a must-have! Prepare to get so hooked that you will want to hear more and more.

Fourplay 30th Anniversary Edition is available on Amazon.

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