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Album Review: Mulberry Street Symphony

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Album Review: Mulberry Street Symphony

Album Review: Mulberry Street Symphony

Mulberry Street Symphony, with Scott Colley on bass…

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Mulberry Street Symphony –

What do you get when you cross a Jazz trio with a Symphony Orchestra? This two-CD set pretty much gives you the answer!

Danish composer Anders Koppel was inspired by a series of old photographs of immigrants from New York in the 1880s and composed eight songs that musically relate the story behind the images. The end result is a complete experience that transports you back to that time period engaging your imagination and stimulating your mind’s eye. The music conveys a wide range of emotions and feelings and is splendidly presented by all the excellent musicians involved in the project.

Although a lot of this music is of a Symphonic nature, there are key moments when the Jazz trio kicks in and fills a gap between the two musical genres. “Bandits Roost” and “Puerto Rican Rumble” are prime examples of music that needs the acrobatic agility that only a Jazz Trio can offer. There are a lot of tasty walking bass lines that we bass players appreciate.

If you dig Jazz and Symphonic music, this is a perfect symphony for you!

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