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100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass

100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass

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100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass

100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass: Learn 100 Bass Guitar Riffs & Grooves in the Style of the Rock Legends…

100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass is your complete guide to mastering the essential skills of Rock bass guitar. You’ll learn 100 riffs and grooves in the style of 21 legendary bassists, from the early beginnings of Rock music to cutting-edge modern rockers.

This is much more than a simple book of licks. You’ll go on a journey with some of the most innovative players ever to pick up the bass. These are the players who literally discovered what makes an amazing bassline.

You’ll nail the groove styles of:

  • Early Rock Pioneers– John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Chris Squire
  • Classic Rock – Lemmy, Cliff Williams, Ross Valory
  • Heavy Metal– John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton
  • Prog Rock– Geddy Lee, John Myung, Justin Chancellor
  • Funk Rock– Flea, Les Claypool, Doug Wimbish
  • Grunge– Krist Novoselic, Jeff Ament, Mike Starr
  • Modern Rock– Billy Gould, Chris Wolstenholme, Mike Kerr

We all know a great bass riff or groove when we hear it, but what makes it so compelling? In this book, seasoned session bassist Dan Hawkins teaches the essential techniques needed to create an array of memorable grooves. Electric Bass skills you’ll learn include:

  • John Entwistle-style percussive techniques
  • The jazz trick Jack Bruce used in Cream tunes
  • How to embellish your basslines with pentatonic fills
  • Tips for both fingerstyle technique and playing with a pick
  • The articulation techniques used by the greats to make the bass part stand out
  • How to create solid memorable riffs that make a tune
  • All the must-know arpeggio and scale patterns you need
  • The ideas that fuelled some of the greatest basslines in recorded history

Each section of the book profiles several legendary Rock bass players and explains how they created their iconic basslines.

100 Rock Grooves for Electric Bass is available at

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