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Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor Review

Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor Review

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Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor Review

Review: The Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor…

The Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor is one of the finest and easiest to use compressors that I have ever had the pleasure of using. You can’t get better than basic, easy to use, and above all, extremely functional to tailor your compression to your exact needs.

Starting with the controls… first is the Mix. The Mix controls the amount of compression you want, blending with your dry signal to the left, or off, being fully dry, and all the way to the right being fully compressed. The Comp control will adjust the amount of compression that you want and the Level control adjusts the volume output of the pedal.

Besides the knob controls, Mix, Comp, and Level, one of my favorite parts of the Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor is the Slope/Envelope button. For the review, I used the compressor on two different gigs and two completely different genres, Friday night was the rock gig, and Saturday night was the classic country gig. I wanted to see how well it performed for both genres and the slope/envelope button made it a lot easier. On the rock gig, I liked how I had the Mix, Comp, and Level set, so I kept the same for the classic country gig. For the rock gig, I had the button in the down position, which sounded great for the rock tunes, slapping and thumping away. For the classic country gig, I had the button in the up position. Much difference, yes, there is! With the slope/envelope button in the down position, it’s got more punch and dynamics, and in the up position, it’s really warm and smooth, exactly how you hear the bass on some of the classic country recordings.

So what do I really think about the Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor? For me, it’s a welcome relief, it’s pretty much set it and forget it type of pedal, adjust the controls to your liking and not much change is needed. Once again, this is where the slope/envelope button comes into play. I didn’t have to change any settings except using the button for the two different gigs I was doing.

This video shows guitar but gives you a good idea of how it works… and yes, it is great on bass!

Additional features are that it is a true bypass, has a noise gate to even further reduce noise, and is powered by a 9V DC power supply.

Pick up the Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor at a music retailer from you or you can order directly from:

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