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Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

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Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar by Stuart Clayton…

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar is a complete method for learning to play the bass guitar with a plectrum. Featuring exercises written in a range of styles, this book will help you achieve plectrum mastery on the bass!

Unlock the Secrets of Plectrum Technique
Starting with the absolute basics, this extensive book covers logical applications of the alternate picking technique and demonstrates how they can be applied to play any bassline with a pick that can be played with the fingers. There are 201 exercises in the book, as well as four full-length study pieces. As well as over 200 exercises, this book also includes biographies and interviews with two of the world’s top players: Carol Kaye and Anthony Jackson and more.

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar covers the following elements:

The Basics:

  • Alternate Picking (Part 1)
  • String Crossing
  • Alternate Picking (Part 2)

Taking Things Further:

  • Sixteenth Note Rhythms (Part 1)
  • Sixteenth Note Rhythms (Part 2)
  • Sixteenth Note Rhythms (Part 3)
  • Triplets

Stylistic Exercises:

  • Rock and Metal Basslines
  • Pop Basslines
  • Funk and R&B Basslines

Study Pieces:

  • Plectrum Study #1
  • Plectrum Study #2
  • Plectrum Study #3
  • Plectrum Study #4

Learning from the Masters
No book on plectrum technique can be complete without looking at the pioneers of the style! In addition to over200 exercises, this book contains detailed biographies for two of the world’s leading plectrum bassists:

  • Carol Kaye (with interview)
  • Anthony Jackson

Audio Files
There are over 200 exercises in Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar, and you can download the audio files free of charge from the publisher’s website.

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar available at

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