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Album Review: Brendan Rothwell, Destiny

Album Review: Brendan Rothwell, Destiny

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Album Review: Brendan Rothwell, Destiny

Brendan Rothwell, Destiny…

Brendan Rothwell has a solid reputation as a smooth Jazz powerhouse so I was very excited to see a new project arrive. Destiny is Brendan’s third album and you can tell his sound is evolving with greater use of piano and synths. That said, the bass is front and center on every track, as that is his main voice and expressive medium. Brendan’s technique is flawless and precise but still emotionally and softly outspoken.

All twelve tracks are original compositions and Brendan did all the performance, recording, and producing. It is amazing that one person can produce such a full and robust sound palate with so much variety.

Musically, Destiny takes the listener on a lovely journey of upbeat exploration. There is a unique blend of smoothness with a funky backbone on many of the tracks. You can close your eyes and just let yourself go with the intricate flow of notes and patterns. I am sure that each person who listens will have a unique interpretation, but this is a perfect treat to share with someone you love… a nice Pinot might compliment the experience.

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