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Bach Shapes: The Etudes



Bach Shapes: The Etudes

Bach Shapes: The Etudes is a collection of 12 etudes using Johann Sebastian Bach’s melodic material in a jazz context over standard chord changes.

Bach Shapes: The Etudes was written by Jon De Lucia, cover designed by Chrissy Kurpeski, and is published by Musaeum Clausum Press.

“These etudes allow you to see how you can apply the basic material from the Bach Shapes books into workable jazz vocabulary. To help understand this I have included seven pages of analysis that explain where each shape comes from. Used in tandem with Bach Shapes and the upcoming Bach Shapes II, you will have a complete system of understanding how Bach’s music can influence your jazz playing for the better!” – Jon De Lucia, author.

The etudes are intermediate level, and approachable on any instrument. The challenge is more in phrasing and internalizing the material to use on your own. The etudes from Bach Shapes are included here, as are most of the etudes from the upcoming Bach Shapes II (out May 25) and one bonus exclusive etude. The analysis pages will only be found here, and this is the only way to get the transposed versions. An exciting addition is the backing tracks, which were recorded by a quartet of NYC jazz musicians, and vary from swing to samba, and even free jazz and Irish traditional!

Bach Shapes has been praised and used by such player educators as Andrew Sterman (Phillip Glass Ensemble), Lincoln Goines, Walt Weiskopf, Miguel Zenon, Dino Govoni, Caroline Davis, Michael Wilbur (Moonhooch), Dana Colley (Morphine) and has been sold at Roberto’s Winds, Boston Sax Shop, Groth Music, Jamey Aebersold Music and more.

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