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Review: Vidami YouTube Looper

Review: Vidami YouTube Looper

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Review: Vidami YouTube Looper

Review: Vidami YouTube Looper

Innovation by design is what comes to mind with the Vidami YouTube Looper.

The Vidami YouTube Looper is a truly magnificent and easy-to-use learning tool and is compatible with Youtube and over 50 online learning sites. It features functions such as loop, speed, forward, back, and pause/play, all at the touch of a foot switch.

Let’s take a look at each of the features at a quick glance.

The Loop feature allows you to loop any section of video. Start the loop by tapping loop once, and where you want the loop to end, tap once again.  Within the loop section, you can use the other features, for example, to slow down the loop, you could use the speed function to learn the loop at a slower pace. To clear the loop, just tap the loop once again and it will stop looping.

Speed gives you the ability to slow down the video to various speeds.

The speed at default, of course, is at normal speed, tap once, and you are at 75% speed, tap again you are at 50%, tap yet again is 35% and finally, the last tap would be at 20%. Once you are down to 20% and you tap again, the process starts over and the video is back at full speed.

A great new extension update is Vidami’s Speed Controller which allows you to customize your learning experience to your personal speeds. There are three presets, Default, Practice Makes Perfect, and Speedy Lecture. There is also an option to create your own presets on the Vidami Speed Controller. This was very easy to access within Google Chrome and there is a video on the Vidami website which it explains in greater detail. The speed at which the video is playing will be displayed each time you change it.

Forward, when tapped once, will jump ahead 5 seconds in the audio or video, and if you press and hold the forward toggle switch, it will scrub to the location you wish to go to, and once you are there, tap pause/play to listen from that point on. The back feature will take you back 5 seconds and if you press and hold the back feature, it will take you to the beginning of the video. Finally, the pause/play feature does exactly what it states, and if you Hold the Play/pause button you can easily clear all functions.

Installation of the Vidami was a breeze.

I’m using it on a MAC with Google Chrome. First, you must register the Vidami at the product website and follow the prompts to install the Safari or Google Chrome extensions. There are some additional steps needed with Safari due to extension permissions and Vidami has helpful videos on their site to assist with that.

The Vidami can be used on a multitude of sites and worked great for me on a couple of sites I use, specifically YouTube and audio files from Hal Leonard’s My Library.

The Vidami makes learning a lot easier and quicker for me, especially to try and learn some difficult bass parts, and being able to slow the video down actually helps me learn much quicker than before, especially with being able to loop a specific section of the video. It’s nice to have a foot switch instead of having to reach for my mouse and try to find the exact part of the video, and going back and forth with a mouse can get quite frustrating.

To be honest, I could have used something like this 20 years ago!

The complete list of sites that Vidami is compatible with can be found here.

Vidami works great on Apple, Windows, and Chromebooks. It can utilize Safari and Chrome browsers on Apple, and Chrome on Windows and ChromeBooks.  It has a steel chassis and weighs in at just over 2lbs.

Check out the Vidami at!

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