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Debut Album: Colin Sankey, Reawakening

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Debut Album: Colin Sankey, Reawakening

Colin Sankey Channels His Inner Victor Wooten with Debut Album, “Reawakening”

Colin Sankey’s debut album “Reawakening” channels the spirits of Victor Wooten, Alain Caron, and Marcus Miller, and has astounded the international bass community. Clips of songs such as “Musica de la Noche” and his rendition of “Yardbird Suite” have been featured on Scott’s Bass Lessons, Low End Nation, and Bass The World. Colin’s arrangements are also being featured on CBC Radio in Canada, on their Saturday Night Jazz program.

“Reawakening” is Colin’s foray into solo bass playing and jazz fusion composition. Colin spent hundreds of hours honing the intricacies of his arrangements, before recording the album in his hometown of Vancouver from late 2021 to early 2022.

Colin showcases a mastery of a variety of techniques throughout the album, especially two-handed tapping, and uses them to create polyphonic lines reminiscent of jazz pianists and solo guitarists. For instance, in Musica de la Noche, he is tapping the montuno (the piano part in salsa music) in the right hand, and the tumbao (the bass part), while filling in the harmony with his free fingers in both hands.

“Reawakening” also features jazz-funk fusion madness with “Thursday Morning Funk,” and danceable Latin grooves with “Musica de la Noche.”

Colin’s work has earned him impressive titles, such as the 1st place Winner of the 2022 Phil Jones Solo Bass Competition in New York and the 2nd place winner of the 2021 BITE Bass Contest, hosted by Charles Berthoud. He has also been featured on the premier jazz transcription channel of YouTube curated by George Collier, who has over 500,000 subscribers.

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