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The Avishai Cohen Masterclass

the Masterclass is an in-depth exclusive interview hosted by DDB founder, Geoff Chalmers. 

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The Avishai Cohen Masterclass

The Avishai Cohen Masterclass – New Release from Discover Double Bass…

Discover Double Bass, a music education website, is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, The Avishai Cohen Masterclass. Featuring the legendary jazz double bassist, singer, and composer Avishai Cohen, the Masterclass is an in-depth exclusive interview hosted by DDB founder, Geoff Chalmers. 

About Avishai Cohen – Masterclass Artist 

Avishai Cohen is a celebrated bassist whose illustrious career has seen him perform and record with many of the jazz and Latin music world’s most renowned musicians. These include Chick Corea, Danilo Pérez, Brad Mehldau, Joshua Redman, Roy Hargrove and many more. As a composer and bandleader, Avishai is known for ground-breaking albums such as the 2008 masterpiece “Gently Disturbed” and compositions including “Remembering”. 

About The Masterclass 

The Avishai Cohen Masterclass is an in-depth video interview hosted by DDB Founder, Geoff Chalmers. Over two and half hours of discussion, they unpack the music and double bass techniques of this legendary bassist, composer and bandleader. The Masterclass covers a range of topics, including what Avishai learnt as a member of The Chick Corea New Trio and as co-founder of Corea’s ensemble, Origin, as well as his time performing and recording with other renowned artists. In addition, they discuss Avishai Cohen’s personal approach to double bass technique, improvisation, playing in a piano trio, phrasing, bass practice, rhythm, equipment, and much more!

If you are a fan of Avishai Cohen, you will love this personal insight into his music and bass playing. The Masterclass is designed with bass players in mind to replicate the experience you would have if attending an in-person lesson or workshop. We dig deep and cover all the topics that bassists love, ranging from his technique and practice routine to composition and improvisation! The Masterclass comprises 2.5 hours of videos to watch at your own pace, and full transcriptions of Cohen’s musical demonstrations for you to play along with at home. 

About Discover Double Bass 

Founded in 2013, Discover Double Bass has pioneered online double bass education. Recognising the value of learning music online, our aim is to educate and inspire the global double bass community. We specialise in producing video courses, lessons, and interviews for the double bass. In the last few years, our tutor faculty has rapidly expanded to include 18 world-famous educators such as John Goldsby, Adam Ben Ezra, Katie Thiroux, Joseph Conyers, and Barry Bales. With over 30 complete courses, 4 Masterclasses, 200 lessons, and 50 interviews covering different genres, abilities, and a wide range of topics, there is something for everyone at Discover Double Bass. 

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