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New Album: E.J. Simpson, You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy

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New Album: E.J. Simpson, You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy

New Album: E.J. Simpson, You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy…

Bassist, songwriter, creative, song interpreter, composer and performer, E.J. Simpson, will release his third solo LP, E.J. Simpson’s You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy on May 5th with a celebration at The Fallser Club playing the album in its entirety (with some embellishments) alongside most of the players who contributed to the album.  A constant on the Philly music scene, E.J. is a versatile player who in addition to fronting his own projects, has been part of legendary legacy, Philadelphia band Beru Revue and with Boris Garcia and he leads a number of tribute performances. He was also a member of seminal collectives including The Goats (Ruffhouse Records/ Columbia Records) and Maggi, Pierce And E.J. both of which took him all over the world and sharing stages with Beastie Boys, Tool, Bad Brains, Fishbone, Smashing Pumpkins, Primus, Oasis, Rage Against the Machine, Morphine, Nancy Sinatra and Jim Carroll amongst others. On April 21st, E.J. will return to Old Swedes Church to perform his 17th annual solo revival of Jesus Christ Superstar.

E.J. Simpson’s You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy features ten original psychedelic and theatrical rock songs penned by the multi-instrumentalist and was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 4 by Phil Nicolo and recorded and produced by E.J. and Adrian G. Harpham. Except Vista Room which was recorded at The Bunker Studio Brooklyn, NY by John Davis and Todd Carder. Additional Recording (on Vista Room) was completed at Kawari Studio by Matty Muir and (on all tracks) at A’s Cambridge Joints by Adrian Harpham. Bonus Engineering by Brendan McGeehan.

Performers include E.J. Simpson (bass, vocals, additional keys, extra guitars, bells and other) Adrian Harpham (drums, additional synths, keys, percussion, programming and much), Greg Davis (guitars), Wally Smith (keyboards), Saantis Davis (percussion) Gdead (tabla), Rachel Haimovich (vocals), Alison Hilley (vocals), Dena Miranda (vocals), Jade Elle Lebrandt (vocals), Kevin Hanson (guitars), David Fishkin (saxophone, flute), Koof Ibi (flugelhorn), Geoff Simpson (harmony, rhythm guitar), Owen Osborne (drums), Adam Flicker (organ), Wendy Romig (chanting), Vrindavaneswari (flute), Erf (chanting), Bhakta Ed Fitzpatrick (kartals), and Kristin Jewell (chanting).

You Purple Virgin is named for E.J.’s one-of-a-kind Modulus Graphite purple bass which was created after the songwriter spent a year in San Francisco working in MG’s headquarters and took his newfound knowledge to build the instrument of his dreams. “I love and am intrigued and awed by music’s omnipotence and versatility,” enthuses E.J. “It soothes. It inspires. It distracts. It tickles. It challenges. It calms. It accompanies. It stimulates. It perplexes. It invigorates… And so much more!”

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