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Next Level Slap Bass Volume 1 & 2

Next Level Slap Bass Volume 1 & 2

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Next Level Slap Bass Volume 1 & 2

Advanced Modern Slap Techniques Volume 1 & 2 by Barend Tromp

Next Level Slap Bass Volumes 1 & 2 contain an original approach to slap bass playing.

Both volumes introduce various new modern slap techniques. In the books, you will find more than 150 challenging exercises and grooves in many different musical styles that will give your slap playing a creative and technical boost. Each exercise and technique is explained thoroughly and pictures have been added to the text to make it easy to understand what’s going on.

There are also many videos and audio samples available online that place the grooves in a musical context. Furthermore, buyers of the books receive free access to additional videos and even new material that is not in the book when they subscribe to the mailing list.

Damian Erskine and Kai Eckhardt wrote the foreword and the books are especially recommended by Stuart Hamm and Michael Manring. Starting from the end of January 2023 the books can be bought from the Next Level Slap Bass website and later on Amazon and The book will first be released in printed form and later also as an Ebook.


With so many slap bass books on the market why would someone write another book on this topic one may ask? Because this is not yet another book on slap bass. Over the years I have seen most slap bass books and transcribed many slap pieces ranging from classic slappers like Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Stanley Clarke to later players such as Mark King, Stuart Hamm, Marcus Miller and Les Claypool. Also more recent players like Victor Wooten and Michael Manring (just to name a few) have inspired me. I consider my style to be an amalgamation of all these great players. I picked what I liked and added my own techniques to it just like most players mentioned did before me.

Some of these self-developed techniques haven’t been covered in other slap books before. The four-finger slapping technique (slapping with ring finger added!) in particular has opened new doors for me. Techniques such as double thumb imitation, reverse cross hammer-ons, percussive thumb and my so-called Chapman Stick imitation technique are techniques that I haven’t see done by other slap players (at least that I know of). That was what inspired me to write these two volumes. In the books I mostly stay away from standard funk slapping and explore many other genres such as world music, fusion and prog rock.

Here are some of the topics covered:

• Double thumb imitation technique

• Three and four-finger slapping techniques

• Melodic slap playing and Solo-style slap bass

• Cross string and Reverse cross string hammer-ons

• Infamous triplet rolls

• Palm Mute Slap

• Percussive thumb and Wrist mute

• Fretless bass slapping

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