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New Album: Craig Akin, Me, My Bass and I

New Album: Craig Akin, Me, My Bass and I

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New Album: Craig Akin, Me, My Bass and I

Bassist/Composer Craig Akin to release solo bass recording “Me, My Bass and I”

Craig Akin shares…

I began playing bass professionally while in college. Since completing my Music Education degree in 1997 I’ve played over 5,000 gigs of everything imaginable (even a bris) and been featured on 100+ albums. I estimate 99.97% of my activity has been as a hired sideman to accompany others. I’ve led only a small handful of gigs under my own name over the years. So in all this time I’ve accumulated a lot of musical ideas in my head and hands but have never been proactive about getting them out. Until 2020 when everything came to a halt.

By this time I had already developed a simple yet effective home studio to record bass parts for people around the world. Now all of a sudden I had nothing but time to reevaluate everything. I decided part of what I wanted to do while the world was figuring itself out was record myself and get some of my ideas documented. This is how it began.

Up to this point I also had a lot of experience capturing video for countless projects so I decided if I’m going to record my ideas then I might as well set up video too. I didn’t set out to make an album because I never dreamed of it, until months later when I had a few tunes recorded and realized I could put out an album (and my wife Abbie saying “of course you can put out an album, why not?”). So fast forward a year, now I’ve got a bunch of tunes recorded each with an accompanying video. And rather than rush to get the album out I figure it would be fun to release around my 50th birthday in 2023. And here we are!

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