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Sightreading 101 for Bass: Reading Standard Notation, Vol. 1

Sightreading 101 for Bass: Reading Standard Notation, Vol. 1

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Volume 1 of Mark Michell’s instructional book series focuses on the absolute basics of learning to interpret, read, and sightread standard notation. It is geared for players who have little to no experience reading standard notation and are looking to learn from square one. This book will help players to go from never having read music before to reading basic notes and rhythms in multiple key signatures. Each chapter incorporates a single new concept that is carefully broken down and gradually integrated through numerous exercises, allowing you to practice it very thoroughly before moving to the next chapter. This provides you with complete flexibility in choosing a comfortable learning pace when working through the book. For players who are already able to read standard notation, Volume 1 can also serve as a great practice tool if you are looking to brush up on your sightreading skills.

This book contains 116 total pages, over 140 exercises, descriptive examples and figures, a full-color gloss front cover and spiral bounding, which is most convenient for allowing the book to stay spread open on stands and flat surfaces!

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