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BASS LINES – Groovin’ The Blue Notes

jaime David

Bass Edu

BASS LINES – Groovin’ The Blue Notes

Hello bass players and bass fans! In this issue we are going to study how to groove the blue notes.

First, this type of performance uses the technique of horizontal playing because it is based on the notes of the scale. In this case, the A blues scale(A minor blues scale).

1 –

The A blues scale same as A minor blues scale. (A-C-D-D#(Eb)-E-G-A)

Formula: 1-b3-4-#4(b5)-b7
This scale is best suited for playing over dominant and minor 7th chords.

2 –

The blue notes are the b3, #4(b5) and the b7.

In the A blues scale they are the notes C, D#(Eb) and G.

3 –

In the example below, we have a groove based on the A blues scale over the A7 chord, but you can also play the same groove over the Am7 chord, and it hits very well. As you play it, you’ll hear the blue notes in the groove stand out, clearly defining the color of the scale.

See you next month for more full bass attack!

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