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Album Review: Gabriel Espinosa, Bossas and Boleros

Album Review: Gabriel Espinosa, Bossas and Boleros


Album Review: Gabriel Espinosa, Bossas and Boleros

Bassist Gabriel Espinosa was inspired by the music he grew up with in Yucatan, Mexico, and now brings us a collection of ten tracks on Bossas and Boleros.

Six of these tunes on Bossas and Boleros are his original compositions. As you might expect from the title, some of these tunes fit in a kind of retro/romantic category whereas others are in a kind of soft Latin jazz vein. Interestingly, Gabriel also found inspiration in current events and translated them into musical interludes.

Gabriel assembled an excellent collection of musicians to bring this album to life and his bass playing is solid and precise but not flashy. His playing compliments the music in a noticeable way but is very balanced in the overall mix. The compositions are intricate and quite lovely with a generous helping of Latin tempos. I especially enjoyed his vocal rendition of “Aqui Estoy Yo” where he sings with just a piano. It is a rare treat to actually hear a bass player’s voice in a tune.

The great thing about this album is it’s universal appeal as it is not all about the bass. Everyone can relate to a collection of beautiful music and it’s excellent execution. This album is perfect to listen to while you enjoy a glass of wine with a loved one as you watch the sunset. Listening made me feel both relaxed and happy and that are feelings we all want to share.

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