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Concepts for Bass Soloing


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Concepts for Bass Soloing

Concepts for Bass Soloing

Concepts for Bass Soloing by Chuck Sher…

Concepts for Bass Soloing is specifically designed to improve your soloing!

Includes 2 CDs of Marc Johnson soloing on each exercise (Marc has been the bassist with Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Lyle Mays, etc.). Includes transcriptions of bass solos by Eddie Gomez, John Patitucci, Scott La Faro, Jimmy Haslip, George Mraz, Gary Willis and Dominique Di Piazza. Also Includes over 150 pages of exercises to help you create more beautiful, horn-like solos. Many transcriptions of Marc Johnson’s astounding improvised solos on the accompanying 2 CDs. Features complete chapters on Choice of Notes In One Mode, Phrasing Exercises in One Mode, Choice of Notes On A Given Chord, Typical Jazz Licks, and Practicing Soloing On Tunes.

Written in Standard Notation only (no TAB).

Concepts for Bass Soloing is available at

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