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Brad Russell

Brad Russell

Bass guitar virtuoso BRAD RUSSELL has released his debut solo album Let's Hear It! on STEVE VAT's Digital Nations label. Featuring guitar legend JOE SATRIANI, Let's Hear It! explores musical frontiers where no bassist has gone before! Brad is a true bass hero and his debut CD is a solid sampling of creative cutting edge “lead” rock bass playing. Russell taps, slaps and shreds his four-string bass, sounding more like a six string guitar – fans of BILLY SHEEHAN will not be disappointed. Brad's solos bring to mind Vai and JEFF BECK more than they do other bass players. Along with guitar great Joe Satriani, who joins Russell for a heavy shred fest, drummer GREGG BISSONETTE (DAVID LEE ROTH, Joe Satriani, SANTANA) provides rhythmic genius on all tracks.

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